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We deliver airtime to any prepaid phone in the world, instantly and securely. Mine upto 25% BTC Back

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Customer reviews

"Fast and straight forward! I can instantly top-up prepaid load to any network in the Philippines. No hidden charges, it's fast, safe and very user-friendly. Highly recommended." Kenneth, USA

Customer reviews

"Perfect. I have used Ding since 2012 to recharge mobile phones in Cuba and Dominican Republic." Juan, Spain

Customer reviews

"I can send top-ups at any time of the day or night. Ding helps me connect to my husband because due to work he lives in Trinidad & I reside in New York." Lisa, USA

Customer reviews

"I use Ding to top-up my sisters phone in India. The top-up is delivered almost instantly. Simple and easy to use!" Ann, United Arab Emirates

Customer reviews

"Ding is great if you travel loads and constantly need to top-up your sim before you land at your next international destination." Avin, United Kingdom

Worldwide top-up to over 400 operators in 130 countries

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