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Our Tariff

Techbank Price Guarantee

We like to keep things simple, and our tariff is no exception. We have a straightforward monthly fee of just £18 per month, which includes 350 transactions FREE every month. Each additional transaction over and above your inclusive monthly allowance is charged at only 9.9p per transaction.

This means that 500 transactions per month will cost on average just 6.57p for each transaction.

Charges are payable monthly by credit or debit card.

Charges can also be paid through CryptoCabon (Currently accepted @ $3.99)


Payment Gateway Comparison

Gateway Provider
Monthly Fee Included
Monthly Transactions
Cost Per
Additional Transaction
Cost per Transaction*
Techbank £18.00 350 9.9p 6.57p No Hidden Fees or Contract Lengths
SagePay Flex £19.90 350 12p 7.58p Plus Token/Card Storage Fees
SagePay Mail & Telephone £15.00 100 14p 14.2p Plus Token/Card Storage Fees £50.00 500 10p 10p 24 Month
Minimum Contract £19.00 0 10p 13.8p Plus Additional Currency Fees
Stripe £0.00 0 N/A 2.4% + 20p No Acquirer Choice (Valitor Only)
*Based on 500 transactions per month.
Prices are correct as of 2nd January 2015 and taken directly from competitor websites.
Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.