Merchant Management System (MMS)

The Merchant Management System is designed to show our Merchants real time transaction information that has been generated from the Payment Gateway transactions. The reports include the ability to see all historical transaction information, as well as detailed transaction receipts - all the transaction reports can be downloaded in .csv format for ease of accountancy and reconciliation. The MMS can be searched and sorted by a number of different criteria - including dates, amounts, authorisations, declines, customer names. Access to the Virtual Terminal is free with every Techbank account set up and users can be set up with multiple levels of access, enabling sales clerk rights through to full administration permissions.

The Merchant Management System is a powerful tool that enables the Merchant to monitor all transactions that pass through the Techbank Gateway. The system provides the Merchant with access to various reports including account invoices, transaction history and transaction summaries at no extra cost to subscribing Merchants.


Its features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Virtual online terminals, accessible from anywhere in the world by means of any internet connection (navigation speed will be directly proportional to the connection speed used).
  • Multiple user identities with variously restricted access levels ranging from Sales Staff through to Management.
  • Manual payment and refund transaction functions for purchases made online, mail, telephone or fax orders, or with cardholder present (e.g. high street shop).
  • Customisable fraud management tools that provide the Merchant with the ability to dictate the levels to which the Merchant's account will automatically check transaction authenticity.
  • Failed transaction reporting and logging function enabling the Merchant to chase up potential lost sales. This helps Merchants to further mitigate fraud and manage it in the event it does occur.
  • Customisable transaction summary downloads for specific time periods.
  • Downloadable data reports for individual transactions.
  • Access to historical data reports for every transaction processed, each data report is available for up to 180 days from the processing date of each individual transaction.
  • Pre-authorisation, re-authorisation and re-billing facilities.