Looking for a flexible, unsecured business loan from £3,000 to £500,000 that you can pay off in small daily amounts from your credit card takings?

A Business Cash Advance from TechBank allows you to borrow a cash lump sum that you repay daily via a small percentage of your customer credit card transactions. There are no hidden fees, charges or penalties, you’ll get a decision within 24 hours, and the cash can be in your account within 48 hours - it’s that simple!


Your repayments will fluctuate directly in line with your business’s sales volumes so when you have lower than expected sales you make lower repayments to us. That’s great for your cashflow! Unlike many other providers TechBank’s loans work with any card terminal so we guarantee it will work with yours.


Because TechBank offers business cash advances based on your business's average total monthly turnover not just your credit card sales, we can offer you larger loans. Most other loan providers only take into account your credit card sales.

Here are some examples of how much you can borrow based on your average monthly credit card transactions:


  • Your repayments are based on an agreed percentage of your monthly credit card transactions - we call this the ‘Retention’ and we agree this percentage figure with you at the outset and it stays the same throughout the term of the loan - so you know exactly where you stand

  • Your repayments are taken as daily direct debits on Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays).

  • At the end of each month you send us your credit card statements and if you’ve overpaid us in excess of the agreed % retention amount we will automatically refund you the difference. Isn’t that better than a loan from your bank?


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Once you've had an initial quote from us the quickest way to get your loan finalised is to email us your last four months card transaction statements and your last three months bank statements to